Picture It Settled® software was created by a team of attorneys and statisticians led by Don Philbin, a nationally recognized attorney-mediator. The intelligent software has learned negotiation strategy from deep data from negotiation patterns in several thousand litigated cases, ranging from fender benders to intellectual property disputes in locations from tiny counties, large cities and everything in between.

Picture It Settled’s predictions help parties and their lawyers improve their results by modeling the anticipated reactions their behavior will elicit from their opponent – just as weather forecasters model storms using some of the largest computers available to project the path of a hurricane. Artificial intelligence is no substitute for well-honed human intuition, but it does help improve forecasts by quickly modeling dozens of scenarios. Similarly, Picture It Settled® doesn’t replace honed intuition; it guides decision-makers by quickly modeling anticipated reactions based on thousands of cases.

Using Picture It Settled® when offers start rolling in from the opponent, the negotiator can see if and when a settlement might be reached, fine-tune objectives, and plan future concessions accordingly.

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